Spuds Mackenzie Is Returning For Super Bowl LI

If you lived in the 80’s, you probably saw the iconic bulldog Spuds Mackenzie in a Hawaiian shirt and sunglasses.

The pinnacle of cool-guy 80’s depicted him as the “happening, partying dude!”. All the babes loved him. Heads would turn everywhere he went. His attitude made him one of the most iconic mascots for Bud-light and is still referenced today.

The ads dripped with 80’s nostalgia. From the hairstyles of his three female singers to the colors and atmosphere that belonged to 80’s “cool-dude” culture.

That’s one cool-lookin’ dude!

Budweiser is bringing him back for Super Bowl LI (51), but because dogs aren’t known to live for 30 years, he has returned from the afterlife.

In the new ad, Spuds comes in the form of a ghost in order to bring one man back into the circle of friends that he has continuously passed on.

Spuds was the dog who always brought the party. Unfortunately, you can’t party with a ghost. This leaves him to vicariously let another person bring the party.

“It’s been 30 years since we last saw Spuds McKenzie,” said Karl Lieberman, executive creative director for Wieden + Kennedy, in a statement. “Or 210 if you are counting in dog years. Nevertheless, it was the right time to set the record straight about what Spuds always represented: bringing friends together.”

Like the ghost of Christmas past, his influence transcends the afterlife in order to keep the party going.

Check it out: