When a State Representative Works for Your Company

C3 Metrics’ Jim Nasser ran for State Representative at 22. While a senior in college finishing his Political Science degree, the then Representative in his district was arrested for unsavory activities.

It was big news in his town, and even bigger news for him.

This is when he decided it was finally time to do what he always wanted: run for office. He won his primary in September, the general election in November, and in December 2016 was sworn in as a State Representative.

After swearing in, newly elected Representatives can request committee assignment, and Jim Nasser picked the Fish and Game Committee. He always loved the outdoors, and although not a hunter, he’s been fishing since very young: spending many hours on Pawtuckaway Lake.

One of the most challenging issues that came before the committee was a bill addressing carrying loaded weapons in vehicles (which aside from handguns is currently illegal). One of his Honorable colleagues came to testify for the bill, bringing a plastic rifle to demonstrate how safe it would be to keep a loaded weapon in the car. With the plastic gun leaning up against a table, it actually fell over during the speech. In the end, this helped prove the committee’s point that it was just too dangerous to keep a loaded rifle in a vehicle, and the State kept the law as it stands now.

New Hampshire is a unique state for many reasons. For one, the House of Representatives is the fourth largest legislative body in the English-speaking world. Because of its size (400 Representatives and 24 Senators) and pay of $100 a year, it’s made up of citizens just like Jim Nasser.

When not keeping the State of New Hampshire beautiful, safe, and on the straight and narrow, he’s working on data quality assurance for C3 Metrics working with some of the largest advertisers, agencies, and technologists.

He is one of youngest State Representatives in the state of New Hampshire serving the people of Rockingham District #2, and the clients of C3 Metrics.