The Stats on Valentines Day.

54% of Americans at least 18 years old will be celebrating Valentines Day.

That’s more than half.

Let that sink in while you start to realize that there are terrible people out in the world with a significant other and not you.

Whether you met this person online 10 minutes ago, or have been with them for decades, the fact still stands.

People will spend money on Valentines Day.

Let’s take a look:

The average person celebrating Feb. 14 will shell out $142.31, with $96.63 going to a spouse or significant other and the rest split among family members, friends, co-workers, pets, children’s classmates or teachers or other recipients.

Guys will shell out an average of $190.53 this year, while women will spend $96.58 on gifts. And the average man who’s shopping for a significant other will spend nearly twice as much as the average woman ($128.90 and $62.47, respectively) – suggesting chivalry is not, in fact, dead.

What about jewelry?

Well, according to this table by Adgooroo, jewelers haven’t seen an increase in digital ad-spend.

It’s just another day for jewelry stores.

With that Valentines Day is expected to hit a record of $20-billion dollars for 2017, maybe things can change.

Also, don’t worry about being single. You’ll be able to drown your sorrows in discount post-Valentines Day candy.