The Surprise of FIFA = The Surprise Of Attribution

Recently, FIFA just released their roster of the top 10 national football teams for the 2018 World Cup. The qualifying matches are now over, and FIFA has the opportunity to rank (based off of statistics) the world’s best teams.

Let’s take a look at their list of rankings:

Now, imagine these teams are your advertisements. The better they do, the higher the ranking. It’s the same as your attribution model.

The idea is that in order to reach these rankings, FIFA goes through a list of data based on a point system. With points being awarded based on the results of all FIFA-recognised full international matches. Under the existing system, rankings are based on a team’s performance over the last four years, with more recent results and more significant matches being more heavily weighted to help reflect the current competitive state of a team.

Now, let’s take a look at the number 10 spot:


Wales has been a consecutively stable team. There progress during the 2016 Euro Cup where they reached the semi-finals is a testament to their ability and determination in the game. Their place in the number 10 seat is surprising not only because their success has surpassed everyone’s expectations, but they knocked out one of the heavy hitters of the past 8 years; Spain.

Spain was a ferocious team going into the 2010 FIFA World Cup. After beating the Netherlands in the finals, they went on to become world cup champions. After the World Cup, they moved on to decimate the 2012 European Cup by defeating Italy. It seemed like nothing could stop them. That is, until the 2014 World Cup where they were knocked out in the group stages by the Netherlands as some sort of revenge.

Spain then dropped from 1st to 10th, and now they have been knocked out of that spot to 11 due to Wales ability to perform more effectively.

This same method is used when searching to optimize your ad spend. With outdated measuring systems, you wouldn’t be able to tell if Spain is #1 or #11 because the software doesn’t account for full funnel attribution. Sure, Spain might be making money, but another ad that you didn’t think would work, has just come and knocked it down. With C3 Metrics, you are able to view what is happening with your ad spend to better target where you money is going. Don’t put it all on the 1 trick poney and start finding ways to more effectively invest your ad spend into future endeavors that, based on more accurate data, will make your money back.