Facebook Reach = Is It Important?


While some are skeptical of Facebook’s ability to measure how many people have seen, shared, or engaged with your post, the ability to monitor the effectiveness of your reach is crucial.

I currently own a page/blog where I discuss taboo topics in and around New Hampshire. With a lot of the scene being more low-key and hushed to fit the narrative of a small-town simple life, the proposition to reveal a lot of what is happening intrigued me.

While starting the page, I noticed there was a “Reach” and “Engagement” section next to my newsfeed. With my content surge revving up, I was able to find out which posts generated the most traffic.

As my name went around amongst the “Free State Project”, the NH Anarchist Society, and the NH Cannabis Activist Association, the taboo topics came in at a much faster rate than I could imagine. My content was solid, and my Facebook page grew. All of this because I was able to monitor the activity of my reach.

Being able to monitor your reach is imperative to running a successful Facebook page. Not only for just getting your name out to the world but being able to consistently keep it going.

With demographics in New Hampshire fitting into the white, 40+ category, I needed to restructure my content to fit their needs. Granted, I was still able to write with my own flavored content, but the target needed to be shifted. With that, I noticed that my reach went a lot further than just college-aged kids looking to simply leave the state.

The issues that I covered were at the hands of who wanted to read it. I was in control of how I voiced it, but the people were in control of what they wanted to read. With Facebook’s Reach and Engagement function, the ability to monitor content is as important as the content itself.