Texas Law Hawk = An Amazing Creative.

Bryan Wilson, a lawyer in from Fort Worth, Texas, has made his way into internet fame with his ad campaign. Each ad is a cacophony of patriotism overlayed with screaming eagle noises and explosions. Off the beaten path for the traditional style of lawyers.

Bryan Wilson (aka “The Talons of Justice”) presented his first viral advertisement on Youtube last year and has amassed over 2 million views. But it’s not just the success of his viral campaign it’s how he went about doing it.

See, when it comes to advertising, Lawyers are still in a tight bind. Sure, you’ll see those various law firms while you watch Jerry Springer, but that’s about it. Only up until recently have lawyers really been able to promote themselves on TV. Laws have somewhat been lifted, but not to a marginal extent.

Where laws prohibit the promotion of law firms for television, there aren’t that many in place for digital. That’s where Bryan Wilson came through with his over-the-top shenanigans. The ability to advertise through digital means that you have much more creative control, and means you’re not bound by any legal terms (except the facebook license agreement). Bryan could have done pretty much anything he wanted.

What he did, was create an incredibly low budget ad that captivated enough people to start a buzz. The best part is that is was all done legally.

Since his ads have been shown country-wide, Taco Bell gave him the opportunity to direct their Super Bowl spot.

Check out his ads here:

Taco Bell Super Bowl Ad: