The Attribution of Hate

“The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” – The Arthashastra

Hate stuff? Maybe you think cargo shorts are no longer cool to wear and you despise those who continue to wear them.

“Those jerks and their failure to acknowledge modern trends,” you say to yourself with moral superiority.

Or maybe you hate a specific show.

“How is Big Bang Theory still on TV!?”

Well, there’s an app that can help you find like-minded, hateful people.

Hater allows you to find and date people who hate the same stuff as you. Say goodbye to the days of walking into a party and boldly mentioning that How I Met Your Mother was a terrible show only to have people give you that blank, mint-chai detox smoothie-stare. Perhaps you hate those people too.

Pictured: Those people.

The app lets you sort through a list of options to better weed (heh) out the people who enjoy the stuff that you don’t like.

As of right now, that app has 3,000 hateful options to choose from.

Digital advertising is the same way. Through keywords, analytics and C3 Metrics, you are able to find the websites that will effectively drive traffic to your site. You want to spend the least and have the most impact.

If you’re a brand the specializes in sweetened pickles, why would you promote yourself on pages that only shoot for unsweetened? You hate those pickles and wouldn’t want to be associated with that low-tier, unsavory product.

With C3 Metrics you have the ability to sift through what works and what doesn’t to better fit your attribution needs.

Keep your affirmative stance on niche ideas. Nobody can tell you otherwise.