The End of Times•••> For Last Click

The Last Click Attribution model will near the end of times soon. As it should be. With Full Funnel Attribution on the rise, more companies are looking for better tools to see where and when their advertisement is working more effectively. This allows customers to take attribution information at the root and transfer it to another, more successful advertisement.

In the infant stages of the internet, Last Click Attribution was a relatively beneficial tool to help companies monitor how well their advertisement’s were doing by creating a black and white, simple and (for the time) beneficial format, but that was it, and in the technical spectrum of time, that was the stone age.  The internet has evolved and so should you in terms of finding the right tools for Attribution Marketing.

If you need to fix your car, are you going to use a socket wrench made of stone? No. You want to use the power-drill. The tool that does the job faster and more efficiently while still being just as easy to use.

C3 Metrics’s use of the Bayesian machine learning Algorithm looks backwards to move forwards and allows users to see a complete and full documented layout of where their impressions are coming from. It is the next step in how companies will monitor attribution.

Instead of seeing the last impression a consumer clicked on prior to a purchase, you get to see the entire path of impressions that a consumer went through prior to making the purchase.

Because of the endless ways a consumer can interact with your brand, LCA has no possible way to calculate which site should receive the appropriate credit. As I had mentioned previously, LCA was meant for a more simple time, and that time has long since passed.

One of the questions asked is “Why is LCA still around?”

To answer that question simply: We keep it around. Like an old pair of shoes, or your favorite shirt.

Companies enjoy using LCA  because it is simple. It is black and white and it is comfortable to use. LCA gives you an easy picture to look at, and that makes you comfortable with using an outdated product, but C3 Metrics gives you the whole picture. It gives you, in incredible detail, the effectiveness of your ads.