The Eyes Have It (Viewability and how 70% of Programmatic Display Ads are not Viewable)

Leo, so hot right now. Leo.

When Leonardo DiCaprio burst onto the scene in the late nineties as America’s hot new boy-toy, his charm captivated the country and became the first celebrity crush for many teenage girls. Was it his perfectly symmetrical facial features? Those flowing locks? Those eyes?

The Eyes Have It.

Its all in how you look, both literally and figuratively. Using C3Metrics data you have the ability to view all attribution.  Using our model, you can look at all the incoming data of your ad campaigns and you can look for better ways to distribute your ads.

Gentleman, I had your curiosity, but now that I have your attention…

Knowledge is Power.

leo poker

There’s a saying in poker: “If you don’t know who the sucker is at the table…you’re it.”
Display is like the options market on Wall Street. You can make a lot of money (if you know what you’re doing) or you can lose your shirt. The difference is knowledge. In a highly technical environment like the programmatic display industry, you need better data than your vendors.

Here’s some quick math to scare you:

95% of all data for a typical campaign are display impressions
69% of programmatic display ads are not seen
95% x 69% = 66%
66% of your entire digital data set is wrong without built-in viewability

Know any CFO’s reporting earnings with 66% of their data wrong?? That’s why we have the Viewable Impressions Report. Accessed from the left nav, the viewable impressions report shows the critically key statistic of viewable impressions and viewable %. For this campaign, the total is a very low 10%. Normal viewability % in programmatic display runs around 30%.

Leo Knows All

But even more important, the C3 viewability technology is not bolt-on viewability, it’s built-in viewability.
Why does built-in versus bolt-on viewability matter? Synchronization with bolt-on viewability is nearly impossible, there are time delays in data, and a large portion doesn’t synchronize because of Cross-Device. C3 began development of viewability in 2009, and seamlessly removes any display ad not displayed and viewable in the consumer’s browser viewport from ever getting credit.
Compare this to cookies…69% error which feeds false signals to programmatic (a self-fulfilling prophecy optimizing against cookies which have zero viewability data).

Zero Visibility Data Leaves Your Campaign Out in the Cold.

This is my last Leo pun, I promise. Without visibility, your ads are left wandering around aimlessly. Imagine your ad is drifting around in the water, desperately shouting to bring attention to your company. They aren’t reaching anyone because there isn’t anyone there. But you don’t know that! You don’t even know where to send the lifeboat to salvage whatever you have left! This is where having visibility comes in. Visibility would tell you not to even get on the boat.

C3Metrics is the perfect platform to see everything you need. It will give you a full insight as to the effectiveness of your ads and can help assess the proper data as to where you want to place your campaign money.

With the data now visible, you’ll have what it takes to win those awards…unlike some people.