The Top 5 Most Common Mistakes When Moving To Full Funnel Attribution.

Listen, you’re afraid to make the switch from Last Click to Full Funnel Attribution. I understand that. Shifting your methods can be a scary thing, especially when you make a mistake.  This article is dedicated to you: The person who is currently in talks with making the switch. Making this decision is going to better benefit your knowledge of where your ROI is coming from.

We have listed the top 5 mistakes new users make when they first make the transition from Last Click to Full Funnel Attribution.

1. You’re going to be intimidated by the amount of new data that is now in front of you.

You’ve made the transition from Last Click. You were comfortable with it, but you made the plunge and decided to move on. Now you have a lot of data staring you right in the face and you don’t quite know what you’re looking at. Instead of seeing only your attribution in one lump sum, C3 Metrics helps to give you a detailed run through on the effectiveness on all of your advertisements. You now have a play-by-play on all of your Digital, Television, Print and Radio advertisements. Its detailed, but now you see your advertising forest. Don’t be afraid to ask a silly question, because we have the answers to better help you grasp the abundance of awesome data.

2. Don’t Hesitate to put your tags up.

One of the most common issues people face is that they do not put their tags up. This should be one of the first priorities when making the switch. Putting your tags up as fast as possible allows you to see full attribution at work.  If you miss placing your tags, you wont be able to witness what you’re paying for. Put your tags up. Trust me.

3. Theres more to it than one partner selling.

Last click gives you 100% attribution. You’re accustomed to looking at that. You’re still used to looking at the lump sum of your spending. Look at the data in front of you. You currently have 4 advertisements running and one of those isn’t doing as well as you thought it was. Thats called reality. Its slapping you in the face like a wet bass.  That’s why you switched to C3 Metrics. You wanted to see how well each advertisement is doing. The data is telling you to take that money out of the advertisement that isn’t doing well and put it towards a more effective campaign. Or better yet, use that kick-ass marketing team to come up with a better campaign.

4. Multiple Vendors Claiming Credit.

Here comes the fun part. Now that you’ve seen which vendors are doing well and which ones aren’t, its time to drop one (or a couple) like a bad habit.  With Last Click, Vendors could be optimizing based off of your assumptions and not off of the raw data. You now have that data and XYZ vendor isn’t pulling the weight you want. Kick it to the curb, my friend. Put that money towards better opportunities.

5. You’re going to realize you’re paying for attribution that isn’t getting you where you need to be.

What c3 Metrics allows you to see is the full aspect of advertising. If you notice that one of your vendors is not doing well, theres no error. The truth is that vendor simply isn’t selling. Switching over from Last Click is allowing you to view what advertisements aren’t doing well. You’re going to be happier with knowing that the money you’re spending is being put into the places you want it to go. You want to profit from your advertisements. Now that you know which vendors are doing well, and not so well. Its time to adjust which vendors receive more from your advertising budget.