The Way Of The Jedi = Attribution.

We here at C3 Metrics call ourselves Jedi. We are a council of individuals who embrace the path of harmony and knowledge. Without knowledge and understanding, we fall prey to the darkness. Through our efforts and dedication to the Jedi code,  we have trained many Padawan to become full wielders of Full Funnel Attribution.

“There is no ignorance, there is knowledge” – The Jedi Code

This is the main focus of why you are trying to make the switch. Embracing the Light side of the force requires embracing knowledge. Let information guide your perceptions on where to spend your advertising budget. Attribution is the single source of truth. Truth is impartial to your gut feelings. Your gut feelings tell you to love and fear, and embracing those emotions will create unnecessary risks that will lead you down the path of the Dark side…or, you know, fired.

C3 Metrics give you the single source of truth. Is XYZ company not meeting the expectations of your advertising council? They cannot be trusted. Move your focus to training more ample and progressive advertisements to help harness the true power of  Attribution Force.

Do not be ignorant of the data. Do not rely on your gut instincts or your emotions. Rely on truth, openness, and the data that is in front of you. It is okay to know that one or more of your advertismenets aren’t working. Use that knowledge and move forward on your path to becoming a Jedi Knight.

Let Attribution and your Jedi Master Guide You.

Once you have successfully looked at your data, it is time to make the changes necessary to develop your technique. Refine your skills as a user of the advertising force. Remember, you will have questions. You will be curious of attribution and will come to a crossroads about the next steps. Do not fear these questions. C3 Metrics has a devoted council of Jedi Masters to help you with the transition into Attribution Force. When starting your training, please feel free to harness the force to contact your master (or just use a phone…thats cool too). We will help you discover and further develop your knowledge of Attribution.

Your Jedi Master will help you understand, but it is up to you to take that knowledge into your own right and progress you’re skills the way you need them to. From your understandings and commitment to Attribution, you will soon become a master in Advertising.