This App Pays You For Selfies

Pay Your Selfie is a new app where you can take a picture of yourself with a specific product and in return you receive money.

The Chicago-based company launched this app in order to help brands receive data among mobile users. Brands pay per engagement while gathering data to help in future marketing endeavors. Companies have been more heavily focused on apps that can be beneficial to both the user and the company.

T-Mobile released an app where you can save $5 dollars on your cell phone plan by letting it place an advertisement when you unlock your phone. I, the user, receive a discount on my bill while some random company receives my data. As to what that data may be looking for, it can range.

With Pay Your Selfie, the app uses the images to understand the people themselves:

“They want to see if consumers are keeping fruit on the counter or in their pantry. If it’s on the counter, it’s part of their daily life. If it’s in the pantry, it’s something they bought, ate once and then probably didn’t go back to.” – Pay Your Selfie co-founder Kristen Holman

This technology gives brands and consumers the ability to co-exist. Users take the photo, upload it and receive 20 cents per photo. Once they build up $20 dollars, a check is sent in the mail.

The app is a new way to gather a focus group and gather more details about consumers shopping habits. Instead of having people sit down in an office and showing them a few commercials, those people knowingly become the commercials and can make a few extra dollars.

The process will not make any user rich, but by letting companies peer into the lives of willing consumers, it creates a beneficial package for both worlds. A company figures out how to place the toilet paper roll, and you make out with some weekend beer money.