What Are the Top 3 Blog Posts This Year?

HH Addressable TV, Fraud, and TV Creative Attribution are the hottest blog posts year-to-date.

Is HH Addressable TV 6% Cheaper Than Programmatic Display?

Addressable TV 6% cheaper than Programmatic display? Yes. For numbers geeks who live to normalize data, apples to apples, we decided to do the math…more.

What Ad Fraud Looks Like – SIM Card Click Farms

After a police raid on Sunday, three Chinese citizens were arrested in Thailand for partaking in a massive click-fraud operation using about 500 smartphones…more.

What’s the Secret to TV Advertising…70% Is

At this week’s Advertising Research Foundation #ARF2017AM, @JoshChasin and @BillHarvey are imparting golden nuggets: the cleaning of big data will be foundational to analysis and modeling…more.