Tough Measures = Tough New York Times

The New York Times has released a statement that they plan to block anyone using adblock when trying to read articles from their site. With countless other mediums in the world that consumers can use to obtain information, print has been pushed down into its niche. 

Mark Thompson had this to say:

“Trying to use and get benefit of the Times’ journalism without making any contribution to how it’s paid is not good. Everything we do should be worth paying for. Everything should feel like it’s HBO rather than a broadcast network.”

Mark Thompson isn’t wrong in saying this.  Every website that you visit has ads to generate the content that you want to see. Adblocking stops those ads from being seen by viewers thus affecting the outcome of who would pay to help promote that content.

In light of how digital advertising has shifted to become a more co-existing environment between users and advertisers, it seems that the New York Times hasn’t quite figured out how to improve the way subscribers view content,or even find a better way for users to turn off adblock.

Completely blocking people from viewing their content only hurts them when you consider that they are now holding people back from actually viewing that specific content. The idea should be to make that content more readily available by giving users a more manageable advertising space in order to achieve a higher ROI.

It seems that an old medium is still trying to adhere to the way people view and obtain content from back during those times. If they want to compete in todays market for digital content, they’re going to have to change the way they interact with viewers.