Two Steps To Fix Broken C-Suite Communication

In ‘Breaking Bad’, Bryan Cranston’s character has a terminal disease which forces him to do things he would normally never do.

In the analytics / business intelligence space, we’re regularly seeing broken communication between BI and the C-Suite.

If you’re in BI (Biz Intelligence / Analytics, etc.), it’s time to wake up and realize that unless you fix your “BI <–> C-Level” communication line, you will be terminal!

Here at C3 Metrics, our platform does the Attribution, but it’s our people that fix these broken communication lines.

Here’s 2 major steps you can take today:

Dashboards = No
You & your team may love them, but C-Level don’t do dashboards.

It’s tough, but you need to distill all of your insights into 3 (or less) simple bullet points on a single powerpoint slide.

Elevator Pitch = Yes
Take your bullet points and work them into a 1 minute (or less) pitch to be used in any meeting where C-Level is present.

Just remember that you want (& need) the C-Suite to understand what you’re doing and know who you are.

===> Step out of your shell today and into your new role as the star of your own ‘Breaking BI’ show.

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