Victoria’s Secret = Moving To Digital

In an effort to reduce a massive cost for publishing their monthly catalog, the woman’s underwear and lingerie store, Victoria’s Secret, put the nail in the coffin and stopped production on their magazine completely.

The estimated cost of running the print magazine runs between $125 million dollars to $150 million dollars, which to anyone, is a huge spend in advertising. Last year, the company cut their magazine budget by 40% without having any real change in their ROI.

This time around, they have decided to cut all spend for the magazine and move over to digital where the outcomes are more easily monitored and traceable. They have the option to pinpoint key trends in their respected market and execute effective strategies.

This comes as big news since the Victoria Secret Catalog has been a hot item for both women and men since 1977. It has also gone through numerous revamps due to  social trends and other issues.

The overall point here is that there are far more superior methods of reaching out to viewers. With a print catalog, you simply have a lump sum of how much you spent vs how much was returned. With their switch to digital, there is a whole new park to play ball in.