Video Fraud = Who Is Really Clicking On Your Ad?

We live in an age where anyone can watch a video from anywhere.

77% of U.S. adults now own a smartphone. That means 77% of adults can click on your ad at any given time.

With quality digital content being put out every second, are you sure that your advertisement is really being broadcast to the maximum amount of people?

Are you sure that your ad is even being noticed by real people?

Brands want to be where the people are but programmatic ad fraud makes it difficult to really trust your data.

Lots of small and medium-sized ad tech companies and sellers of video inventory are under pressure for earnings & revenue. The conflict is: turn a blind eye to video fraud that will happen just about everywhere except YouTube, Facebook, and twitter (it’s going to happen)…or make revenue numbers. Or, spend money (a lot of money) to combat video fraud and make your revenue numbers even worse. And thus the conflict of interest in video: turn a blind eye and make revenue, or do something which is like fighting the cartel which will keep on operating (except in well-policed neighborhoods).

Does this sound like a familiar issue to you?

We have a solution:

Attribution After Dark, presented by C3 Metrics, is the only nationwide tour of top advertising experts addressing challenges which impact marketers on a daily basis.

Key topics include programmatic fraud, cross-channel measurement, connection online media to offline sales and multi-touch attribution.

Our Chicago event will feature a networking hour, panel discussion, and after party, all located at theWit — boldly located n the heart of the city’s theater, arts, and shopping district. Get ready to talk everything attribution while taking in city views & networking with industry leaders.

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