What Does The ‘C3’ Stand For?

When C3 Metrics was originally formed in 2008, everyone was working remotely.

The C3 Metrics team spanned from Pennsylvania to Boston up to New Hampshire and across the US to San Diego.

In 2010, our founders, Mark Hughes and Jeff Greenfield decided to move C3 Metrics  (& anyone who would join them) to Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

Almost zero traffic, awesome weather (for real) and 15 minutes from the University of New Hampshire (UNH).

And UNH has proven to be an awesome source for new team members.

As Mark was still moving to New Hampshire, Jeff was able to take command of the decorating.

As Jeff is a huge Star Wars fan, almost everything Star Wars related from Amazon was ordered.

Almost overnight, the C3 Metrics office looked like a Star Wars set!

This included the life-size C3PO standup.

Visit our offices in Portsmouth and you might think that “C3” came from Star Wars and the character C3PO.

Turns out “C3” is actually a military term, which drives C3 Metrics values to this day.

The “C3” stands for “Command, Control & Communicate”.

Command respect from colleagues, customers & community.

Control outcomes with action & intelligence.

Communicate & listen clearly to drive harmony & growth.

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