What Happens When Attribution Meets Your Affiliate Program?

Attribution is creating a solid foothold in how companies monitor the effectiveness of their ads. With new ways to track ads, Affiliate marketers are taking notice. As we know, shoppers will most likely be browsing around to different sites before they make their ultimate purchase. This is why the Attribution model is key to finding what works and what doesn’t when trying to create a successful affiliate program.

What does Attribution do for Affiliate Marketers?

Example: You’re watching a Patriots game and Tom Brady throws a touchdown pass to Gronkowski. Who gets the credit? Tom Brady was the one who set it up, while Gronk was the one who scored (Gronk was the ad the person clicked on prior to making the purchase). With the old Last Click method, Gronk would have gotten all of the credit, but now we have an attribution model that considers Tom Brady’s pass. This scenario happens all the time in the online marketing world. With attribution, Tom Brady would receive credit for the touchdown.

Affiliate Attribution programs let you know which receiver will most likely make that touchdown catch. You can develop a team of affiliates based on the statistics and create the best lineup to generate sales.

Attribution in the Affiliate World is a Game Changer

Lets say you’re a company that deals with outdoor sports. You want to put out a few advertisements online. You find three affiliate sites that pertain to your market and start putting ads out there. With the Last Click method, you’re only going to see that one site that made the purchase. With attribution, you will have a full knowledge of how each site is doing. Perhaps one is making a lot of sales, the other is making a decent amount but more people visit that site and the third site just isn’t getting anything. You would keep the first and second website, but the third is a waste of money. Get rid of the third site and put that funding towards the other two and you will increase your sales.

Attribution with Affiliate Marketing is a Perfect Symbiosis

It doesn’t take much to realize how important attribution is to the future of advertising online. With more people starting up their own affiliate sites every day, this tool is meant to help measure which sites are successfully reaching out to your target demographic. Each one benefits the other. Advertisers can find where to place their ads and affiliates can find out of their sites are generating an appropriate amount of traffic.

Attribution Weeds out the Bad Sites

With Attribution in effect, more companies can easily see where they are wasting their money. This means affiliate programs need to be up to date on the content they’re delivering. No more building a niche site, ranking in Google and sitting on it. If you’re going to be an affiliate marketer, you need to be serious about it or else you’re wasting your time. Creating a solid site for affiliate marketing takes devotion and it will show once the money rolls in.