What Is The Future For Multi-Touch Attribution (Our Predictions)?

The future is big for Multi-Touch Attribution (MTA).

Our COO Jeff Greenfield made two major industry predictions at GreenBook’s Attribution Accelerator event in November and the TV of Tomorrow Show in December.

In case you missed those awesome events, here are 2 ‘disruptions’ coming in 2019 which were featured in this MarTech Advisor interview.


1. Unification of Brand & Media Teams.

Traditional brand and media metrics live in different worlds and currently don’t talk to each other.

In 2019, we’re going to see unification of brand metrics with multitouch attribution (MTA), which will finally unify brand and media teams to be working together.


2. MTA Accreditation/Standards to be established.

The measurement industry is currently lacking standards, given that accreditation has been non-existent, but the Media Ratings Council has come out with viewability accreditation.

With MTA /Attribution accreditation coming in 2019, marketers will have more confidence and more quickly embrace measurement changes from ‘last click’ to MTA.


An additional highlight from the interview was the discussion of an “outstanding digital campaign”

We have a B2B client who was targeting enterprise users and spending heavily in all digital channels — predominately in paid search, where they were ‘seeing’ some decent results. They saw minimal ROI in programmatic display and as a result, they decreased their programmatic spend.

When they started working with C3 Metrics, they discovered that programmatic display was actually increasing awareness at the top of their sales funnel and that paid search was simply lower funnel activity that would have come naturally. As a result, they shifted some spend from paid search to programmatic display and saw their cost per lead drop by 25% and leads go up 37% without spending any additional money.

Read the full interview at MarTech Advisor.


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