What is the ROI Of Adult Ads?

There are two types of people in the world:

1. Those who have watched p*rn.

2. Liars.

P*rnhub, XHamster, and many other sites are no exception to the rules of digital advertising. Data is tracked in the exact same fashion as regular advertising methods. With the obvious stigma of the industry, many are often uncomfortable discussing their career paths at the Thanksgiving dinner table.  Well, we were able to reach out to someone comfortable enough (but still requested to remain anonymous) and asked what it’s like to be an affiliate in the world of adult digital.

How did you find your way into adult ads?

It’s embarrassing. I found it through an old boyfriend.  I expressed interest in his marketing. I thought it was cool that he worked from home. I wanted to work from home too.  He was totally focussed on p*rn (advertising) at that point.

What was that main focus for your ads?

What we advertised wasn’t more adult videos or p*rn in general. We advertised adult dating websites. Snapchat and Tinder hookups. Things of that nature.

So what did people really go for?

Rich Cougars was a big thing. “Hot Rich cougars are in your area.” We never targeted women. The adult industry is a male dominated industry (obviously). Who are you going to find more on those websites? Men. Anybody who wanted to test women via attribution would find themselves unprofitable.

The number one most clicked on ads were M!LF’s.

M!LF’s. Why?

It’s technically considered more easy targets. Not like in an aggressive way. It’s basically for men who go for women who have low self-esteem. 

Cheating Wives was another one. Similar low-self esteem targeting.

It seems kinda sad.

It is really sad. Everybody knows that the majority of profiles on there are fake. If they’re real, nobody is really that attractive. 

Any particular niche that you would go after?

The industry is impossible if you want to choose your niche. We did a run of networks then we narrowed down the websites. If a campaign wasn’t making money, then the director would contact one of us and say “stop running on Xhamster” or “stop running on P*rnhub.”

How much information were you able to collect about people who would sign up for memberships?

Nobody knows who’s going on adult sites unless you have a membership, but even then they don’t disclose the information. The reason they ask you for your income and the like is to help advertisers better target you.

Say I clicked on one of your ads. What is the chance that it would take me to a sketchy website?

Our websites were legitimate. They wouldn’t take you to a sketchy, malware-ridden landing page.

“Thick Growth” ads ( you know “This guy grew 14 inches in just TWO MONTHS”) are questionable. If you bought something and then canceled the order, they might still charge you even after you cancel it. I’m not familiar with that strategy. I’m a lady.

Was it frustrating to work in the industry?


How often did you get someone to sign up?

There were thousands of people who would click on the ad an hour. I would pay money per 1000 impressions to have that ad go up on the site. Someone can click on it, then click through my landing page and not sign up for the offer. It’s globally known that people don’t sign up for these. People are more aware, not necessarily that it’s a scam, but they don’t want their time to be wasted.

Were you able to generate a profit?

I pretty much broke even. I found regular dating sites more lucrative than adult dating. If I were a guy, I wouldn’t trust signing up for one. 

My ROI on a regular dating site was roughly 200-250% per day. I wasn’t spending a lot of money, but I was making 700 a week for 2 years. 

What was your ROI in adult dating?

11%. You have to be very very knowledgeable in the marketing world in order to make it  as a self-employed advertiser in the digital p*rn industry.