What’s Banana Time? | Culture Corner

Banana Time = team building. Airbnb’s CEO Brian Chesky received a short piece of advice from PayPal’s Peter Thiel, “What ever you do…don’t ‘ F up’ the culture.”

Banana Time has organically grown into team building.

Last fall I started working at C3 Metrics. Every day I’d bring in a banana. At the time, another coworker who sat across from me also brought a banana.

One day we took a simultaneous break to enjoy a little potassium, and with this common banana time…we got to know each other a little better.

Then it became a routine: eating our bananas and sharing stories. We discovered we were both Eagle Scouts, and went to the same camp as kids.

Gradually, co-workers got curious about our random mid-day banana breaks.

Was there something about the bananas? A secret ritual?

Nope, just Banana Time.

Soon another co-worker brought a banana, and shared in Banana Time.

Then it grew to five…and Banana Time was officially born.

We fully embraced Banana Time every day. looking forward to sharing banana jokes and discovering things about each other not normally found when talking Bayesian modeling, and development of API’s for an Attribution Data Cloud.

Then we incorporated Banana Time into a shared company chat channel (Slack) of course named Banana Time.

Our Banana Time chat channel quickly became the initiator to the actual “Banana Time.”

When one of us decided Banana Time was due, said person would proceed to upload banana related memes and information.
To signal that we agreed to the initiation, we would individually upload a banana meme in response.

After everyone provided a response, everyone would hold their banana in the air. Immediately thereafter Banana Time would commence.

Banana Time soon began to spread throughout.

Day by day as Banana Time continued I noticed something happening: collectively we began to grow, as a TEAM. We became stronger as a TEAM.

Banana Time evolved to more than just a time to talk and share jokes. It began to have meaning.

During Banana Time, we became closer with our teammates. We laid and continue to lay the building blocks for strong friendships inside and outside the office.

Whether it’s a banana, a peach, a plum, or provolone…your proverbial banana becomes a catalyst to culture (and curiosity). As we shot this photo, US Senator Maggie Hasan curiously came out of her office to see for herself why we’re a little bananas.

If you’re kinda nuts or Banana-like, you might fit in here at C3 Metrics: https://c3metrics.com/careers/

– The One with the Shaved Head in the Middle