When E-Commerce Meets the Chopping Block.

Since the dawn of digital, E-commerce has been a pivotal game changer in how consumers purchase goods. In the same vein as ordering over the phone in years past, online has made purchasing products from your home easier than actually dialing a phone number and speaking with a representative.

With this addition to the consumer/advertiser relationship, new ways of reaching out to people are more prevalent than ever. With affiliate sites popping up everywhere, advertisers can now help companies reach out to a greater number of people by creating their own content, websites, videos, and social media pages. This symbiosis of consumer/advertiser has manifested itself as a complete relationship and can lessen the gap between the two.

Last year, I worked on my own Affiliate site through amazon. There, I would sell hang-drums that were incredibly expensive and gave me a good source of income. Each one sold anywhere between $5-$7,000 dollars and I would help spread and advertise online through my own blog and social media.

The company that we’re taking a look at today is an E-commerce site and we went through their affiliates.

We first took a look at the affiliate side of their income:

As you can tell, their affiliates were doing pretty good, but after a few cuts, we were able to still save them over a million dollars in that one channel. We were able to save them $1,585,713 dollars in annual ad spend.

Now let’s take a look at their Product Listing Ads:

Here, we were able to make extensive cuts. 83% to be exact. These weren’t the big fish by any means, but if you can cut that much out of the equation and save over $1,666,698 dollars, you know that those ads were a huge waste of money.

If you were using an outdated product like Last Click, you wouldn’t have the visibility or structure to see how your affiliates are doing. You only see that you are spending X and receiving Y. With C3 Metrics, you get to see each and every ad that you are paying for and how much each and every ad makes back.

Companies can over-spend millions from their advertising budget and not even know due to the fact that their technology or software simply just doesn’t show them. In advertising, it’s all about that ROI. It’s all about that visibility. Don’t spend more than what you need and start saving by switching to C3 Metrics.

It takes spending money to make money, but do you have to spend as much?

Check out C3 Metrics and see how much you could be overspending.