Six CMO’s Stacked

Six CMO’s that are likely on the radar…

Deborah Wahl
Marketing roles: McDonalds, Chrysler, Toyota, Lexus, Ford, Mazda
Education: Wharton MBA, U Penn Masters, Wellesley BA in Economics
Numbers focused. Transformed digital at Chrysler with Organic as her agency. Began her career in Brazil, and International will be key for Airbnb.





Jamie Moldafsky
Marketing roles: Wells Fargo, Whirlpool, Charles Schwab, American Express
Education: Wharton MBA, Michigan BA in English
Banking = Customer Experience, and CX is paramount in the hospitality industry.




Anthony Pitts
Marketing roles: DraftKings, EverQuote, DataXu, RhythmOne
Education: Carnegie Mellon Economics, U Rochester Political Science
Sometimes referred to as the ‘most hated marketer of 2015′ because DrafKings bumped nearly every unit of available TV inventory with DraftKings’ historic TV spending. Understands leverage of performance metrics.


Jim Lyski
Marketing roles: CarMax, Nationwide Insurance, Scotts-Miracle Gro, Cigna, FedEx
Education: Oregon Journalism BA, Oregon Marketing MBA
A way with words and creative: WBYCEIYDBO and CarMax’s talent made used car selling friendly & fun in an industry known for skullduggery. Famous for securing FedEx a role in Tom Hanks movie Castaway.


Michelle Peluso
Marketing roles: IBM, Citi, Gilt (CEO), Travelocity (CEO)
Education: Wharton Economics, Oxford Masters in Philosophy
Basically grew up in the travel industry as founder of Site59 and CEO of Travelocity giving her valuable industry experience. White House Fellow, and a Board Director at Nike. Quant strong, and management savvy as a former 2x CEO.

Vineet Mehra
Marketing roles:, Johnson & Johnson, Avon, Novartis, General Mills, P&G
Education: Canada’s Wilfrid Laurier University, Harvard Business School Exec Program
Was Global President of J&J baby care with P&L pressure. A metric centric leader, and the strongest in terms of International, which is key for Airbnb.