Why Data Driven Marketers Still Need Common Sense

Lets face it, there was a time in your life where you looked at an electrical socket and thought “Im going to stick my finger in there”. Its okay to admit that. Despite the countless actions your parents took to warn you about the dangers, you went ahead and did it anyways. Common sense is not so common, but it is crucial to have when analyzing metric data. As I had mentioned in a previous article, C3Metrics gives you access to viewing the whole forest as well as the trees.

Looking at the Whole Forest:

Look at the whole picture, take a step back and analyze your data from a larger time span. Don’t just look at one day, look at the whole month. Analyze the trends and data to better evaluate your circumstances.

Looking at the Trees:

After looking at the forest, you will see the overall picture. It might be going up, or it might be going down, but take a closer look, do you notice any small blips? Do you know why those might have happened? If you do, then great! If not, dig deeper into that rabbit hole. What was going on around the time your blip showed up?

Trees Don’t Grow The Way You Want them To:

You can predict how a tree will grow, but chances are, it will not grow in that specific way. The best you can do is influence the direction of growth. Let it grow on its own and analyze what you have, find what is slowing down growth and change what you need to in order to influence that path of your tree.

More Information Is Key:

The more information on how your tree has grown, the better. Look outside of the data to find trends and events that have possible opportunities for potential growth. Also use the same process to find out what is not working. There are outside sources affecting the harmony of your forest and you need to know what they are.


Always ask how your newfound information has an effect on your forest. This can help predict trends that will help your forest grow.

This is all common sense, but you would be surprised by how uncommon this practice really is. Using these analytics tips can help you discover what is working and not working in your forest.