Why I Pooped In a Box

I ran into Mark Cuban in New York in 2007.

That day, he blogged about getting his colonoscopy.

We talked briefly about the “thought of being violated by a long tube at the very bottom of the list of things I want.”

Ten years later, it’s my turn. But now technology has changed.

Instead of the long tube of violation, you can simply call your Doc or P.A., ask them to have a Cologuard box shipped to you (they are not a client of ours).

If you can poop, the non-scary version of a colonoscopy is underway.

As my Physician’s Assistant said: “it’s not quite as good as a colonoscopy, but if there’s 30% compliance with colonoscopies, and there’s 80% compliance with pooping in a container…you can do the math.”

Blood and DNA are tested. It took me 10 minutes to do the Cologuard.

It’s not every day that me, Mark Cuban, or most men talk about intimate things, but it’s important.

Life is fragile.

Life is precious.

Life can be confusing.

But, Life is a ripple to those around us.

In order to care for and about others, sometimes we forget to care for ourselves.

Take the time to care for yourself

Whether it’s for yourself, or for those around you.

– Mark Hughes, Co-Founder & Chairman C3 Metrics