Will Lincoln Spend More With VH1 or Victor Vargas?

Lincoln may be marketing like it was 1933.

In Goshen, NY at Healey Lincoln, the dealer handed five local “influencers” keys to new Lincolns. Free.

For the next five months, those five local influencers will drive a Lincoln Navigator, Continental, MKC, MKX and MKZ. The only requirement: post their honest experiences on their personal social media platforms.

The lucky five influencers are:

  • Chuck Benfer, IHeart Media Inc. market president
  • Alexis Eggleton, blogger of, “Trading Cardio for Cosmos”
  • Claudia Jacobs, owner of Claudia Jacobs Designs
  • Quanah Jay Hicks, a singer/songwriter, music producer, multi-instrumentalist, photographer, cinematographer, director of films and composer of film scores
  • Victor Vargus, DJ and party motivator

The question will be: after five months, will Healey Lincoln in Goshen spend less on local cable (VH1, ESPN, etc), or will they spend more money with five months of car depreciation and amplification of that content.

It’s no surprise that one of the influencers is an iHeart media exec, because the best way to target Millennials (fast) in context of reach…is radio.

Millennials are definitely spending less time watching linear TV, but older consumers (those who have voice-activated TV remotes) are watching 19% more TV.

“Advertising is changing with a younger versus older personas,” said C3 Metrics advertising attribution measurement Co-Founder Jeff Greenfield. “but now, attribution platforms that can measure content, digital advertising, TV advertising, radio, direct mail, and measure it by persona. This Goshen NY test is going to be a bellwether for Lincoln and how ad budgets unfold.”

Matthew McConaughey hang on…Victor Vargas is coming for you.