Will New Trump Anti-Comey Advertising Backfire?

Less than 24 hours before former FBI director James Comey’s testimony, a pro-Trump group called the Great American Alliance attacked Comey in a 30 second ad, reminiscent of mud-slinging election advertising.

Pro-Trump groups want to shift the public’s attention away from Comey’s ground-breaking testimony, but now big brands like Smirnoff vodka (once made in Russia, now in America) are also jumping in on Trump’s Russian controversy with their own advertising, as reported by Adweek.

Jeff Greenfield, COO of advertising attribution measurement company C3 Metrics said, “Content is typically 10x more powerful than traditional advertising, and with Comey’s testimony content already out there, it will be very hard for anti-Comey ads to make a dent in changing perceptions.”

Since Comey’s hearing, President Trump’s approval rating has sunk to 38% of Americans approving of the President’s job in office, while 58% of Americans disapprove. Many even believe Comey is more trustworthy than Trump.

“Whether it’s covfefe, or other Trump-associated gaffs, we’re going to see a lot more news headlines find its way into advertising on a timely basis just like Smirnoff,” said C3 Metrics Jeff Greenfield.