Women In Technology (WITI) + C3 Metrics

Sponsored by Microsoft and C3 Metrics, the WITI Summit Series = incredible learning moments and takeaways that are applicable to all women that work in the tech sector in any capacity.

From learning how to negotiate salary to the level of your worth to helping your workplace promote inclusivity, there was something for every woman (and man) in attendance.

The summit presented speakers and leaders who have built themselves from the ground up in their respective fields and who today serve as mentors to those entering the technology workforce.

These leaders included Lauren Hasson, the founder of Develop[HER], a career development platform for tech women by tech women, and a software engineer at a prominent Bay Area fintech company where she’s builds their apps and is a principal member of the information security team.

Lauren’s work has been featured in Apple keynotes, she was one of 100 top innovators invited to attend the UK G8 Innovation and Decide Now Act Summits with the United Nation’s technology council, and she’s won multiple, high-profile hackathons.

There was also Melissa Jurkoic, Senior Solutions Architect for Amadeus Hospitality.  With over two decades’ experience as a technologist, Melissa’s mix of technical savvy and business strategy is unique for a former software engineer.  Extremely passionate about making a positive impact on the decline of women in STEM education and careers, Melissa volunteers with several committees in the Northeast region to educate and encourage women and girls to pursue careers in technology.

WITI does an incredible job at selecting their speakers, panel topics, and workshop activities to really build up every summit attendee and give her (or him) the confidence and tools they need to succeed.

Spending a day with bright and inspiring professionals and leaders was amazing.

Our team spent the majority of the drive home sharing our favorite quotes, tips, and stories from the day and when given the chance, we will all jump at the opportunity to attend another event hosted by WITI.

Women in the workforce, especially women in the technology sector, sure are making a splash and our team is grateful that C3 Metrics supports its employees in personal and professional development so that we may jump in, too.