When I Worked in the White House + iPhone X Saving America

Years ago I was a White House Intern.

Much has changed, but one thing hasn’t since the 18th century: the Electoral College.

American Presidents are elected with a three-century-old system.

While speaking with Silicon Valley influencers recently, the topic of technology replacing the Electoral College system came up.

Replacing it with a populous voting system, just like renewing your driver’s license online.

But with Russians, and sophisticated botnets creating 30-40% fraud in programmatic display advertising…it’s a pipedream.

But now enter iPhone X.
Russians and amateurs can spoof identities and devices online, but now the iPhone X does away with the fingerprint unlock, replacing it with facial recognition. Your phone will look at you, and determine through machine learning if you are who you are…and unlock your phone based on facial recognition.

Security just got real.

Imagine if every voter had to re-register with facial recognition technology before the next election, and would then cast their vote by phone or computer using facial recognition.

Eliminating a three century old system still clung to by the largest super power in the world.
When Apple did away with the fingerprint technology to unlock phones in the iPhone X, at first I thought it was stupid.

Thinking about “What Happened”

Thinking about Silicon Valley discussions of replacing Electoral College with populous technology

Thinking about the iPhone X

Thinking this could be the technology that changes America.

We just discovered “What Can Happen.”

Now is the time.

Mark Hughes
Co-Founder & Chairman C3 Metrics