Is This the Worst Ad of the Year?

Recently Dole launched an ad campaign for its new Dole Dippers: banana slices dipped in dark chocolate. Anything covered in dark chocolate: delicious.

However this TV commercial for the product is far from delicious.

Two animated, ultra elite, botox-like, elderly monkeys are the stars of the commercial. They bring flashbacks of Cruella De Vil (perhaps the scariest animated characters seen this year).

How on earth does this creative escape testing?

Did SKU velocity and revenue perform according to goal?

When a great product meets terrible creative in TV advertising, it can unduly kill the product. According to Chief Research Officer David Poltrack at CBS Television, 70% of the impact from TV advertising is from the creative used.

In the words of our friends at ESPN: C’Mon Man!

Or…C’Mon Dole.