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C3 Metrics is the single source of marketing truth for smart advertisers around the globe, providing the ability to master the customer journey, understand demand creation, and increase ROI 25-75%.

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TV AttributionC3 details integrated TV Attribution in Webinar.

Bayesian Machine-Learning Attribution ModelBayesian Machine-Learning Algorithm detailed in Webinar.

Viewable ConversionsThe secrets of real-time Viewability.

“C3 Metrics was a boon to our shareholders. Cutting edge technology that enabled us to drive growth in revenue and profits. I thought of them as the cash register that multiplied.”

Michael McDevitt
Michael McDevittCEOTandem

“C3 furthers our ability to monitor performance, generate actionable insights and implement strategies that improve and scale our clients’ multi-channel marketing programs.”

Diana DiGuido
Diana DiGuidoVice PresidentPM Digital

“Crediting the last click is living in a marketing vacuum. With the explosion of tablets and the way we consume media–it makes C3 Metrics very valuable for ROI focused advertisers.”

John Dimling
John DimlingFmr CEO & ChairmanNielsen

Today’s Only Attribution Platform Combining Cross-Device, Viewability, Real-Time Data Collection & Programmatic.

Discover why Nielsen’s…

Fmr Chairman & CEO joined C3 Metrics.

Get ready–it’ll transform the way you manage media.