Powerful Accuracy for Your Analytics

C3 Metrics award winning analytics SaaS platform focuses on one thing: Improving Your ROI


Actionable Data!

C3 chats in real time with RTB & clues them in on how to improve performance.

  • Originator:  C3 Signals your upper funnel partners every time they’re involved in a conversion and even lets them know when they’re responsible for building awareness for your brand.
  • Assist:  C3 Signals your assisting partners that they’re helping out, otherwise they will shut down publishers and creatives which could be responsible for your next conversion.
  • Converter:  After applying Conversion Controls for Viewability, Brand Search and Last-Minute Credit, C3 signals the lower funnel converter.

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C3 Metrics was a boon to our shareholders. Cutting edge technology that enabled us to drive growth in revenue and profits. I thought of them as the cash register that multiplied.
C3 furthers our ability to monitor performance, generate actionable insights and implement strategies that improve and scale our clients’ multi-channel marketing programs
Crediting the last click is living in a marketing vacuum. With the explosion of tablets and the way we consume media--it makes C3 Metrics very valuable for ROI focused advertisers.