You Can Now Request And Uber Or Lyft From Facebook Messenger

Yesterday, as I was getting ready for my morning routine of browsing advertisement news, I heard the ping of a message sent to me via Facebook chat. My assumption was that it was a message sent from one of my many supportive friends wishing me a good morning, but this wasn’t the case.

I was greeted with a message from Lyft, the mobile taxi service who’s network is only shadowed by Uber. Having not heard of this new concept of advertising through Facebook Messenger, I was worried.

I met this new greeting with the response of a 70-year old man who had just received his third telemarketing call while eating dinner. The execution was a little too invasive, but at the end of the day, I can understand why Facebook decided to enable the message the way they did.

Back in January, Facebook stated that they would be working on joining with Uber and Lyft. This would allow users to contact a ride straight from their messaging app. The idea reaches out to Millennials who, on more occasions than not, are too drunk to drive.

Contacting an Uber or Lyft driver is now easier. Facebook Messenger has become one of the largest downloaded apps for both Android and iPhone. When that night out turns ugly because your DD mistakenly chugged a bottle of vodka instead of water, you can contact a driver personally and they will be there to pick you up.

The premise is to utilize messenger as a full functioning mobile tool. With other chat apps like KakaoTalk, Line, and WeChat putting more integration into their apps, the messaging tool has to keep up in other parts of the world, namely, the Asian market.

The idea, although executed with a subtle disregard for my privacy, seems like the future for the mobile app. Now if I can just order a pizza straight from there, I think we would be getting into some real game-changing integration.