2018 Scorecard

This customizable scorecard examines attribution vendors on 15 criteria including fraud removal, user-level viewability, and cost.

Compare 15 attribution vendors on 15 criteria.

Watch the video or download your scorecard now.

Learn how C3 Metrics customers have improved ROI up to 44% by utilizing the C3 Metrics Attribution Data Cloud..  The Attribution Data Cloud documentation details the C3 Metrics algorithm, data validation and results.

From Media Independence to Conversion Controls which block brand search, there’s a big difference between C3 Metrics and the others.  The 2018 Attribution Scorecard compares all major attribution vendors across 15 different criteria.

World’s First Complete Attribution Platform.

Powered by the only attribution data cloud uniting user-level Viewability, cross-device matching, fraud removal and audience segmentation across both digital and offline media, advertisers utilizing C3 Metrics realize a 15% – 44% improvement in ROI.  Ranked #1 in the 2017 and 2018 Attribution Vendor Scorecard, the most accurate solution by TBR Independent Research, the Global 250 Winner of AlwaysOn and the Global Winner of the Red Herring 100 makes C3 Metrics your choice as a trusted partner.

“Smart attribution modeling is the ONLY way to determine advertising effectiveness, and real ROI, across all your offline and online marketing channels.  I could robustly measure ROI on every piece of my $150M annual budget, and used that knowledge to gain share on competitors spending double or triple my budget… as well as earn the trust of my CEO and CFO (and keep my job!) for seven years straight”

Jeff Glueck
Jeff GlueckCEO, Foursquare

“Crediting the last click is living in a marketing vacuum. With the explosion of tablets and the way we consume media–it makes C3 Metrics very valuable for ROI focused advertisers.”

John Dimling
John DimlingFmr CEO & Chairman

“With C3 Metrics, we get indisputable truth. It makes no sense at all to use last click measurement systems.  We’re supposed to believe that only one channel was responsible for an online sale?  It’s ridiculous.”

Jeff Connor
Jeff ConnorCOO
Reebok Spartan Race

“Advanced attribution tools such as C3 Metrics’ with integrated viewability can help organizations become smarter with digital investments and media-mix modeling.”

Seth Ulinski
Seth UlinskiSenior Ad Tech Analyst
Technology Business Research

“C3 Metrics was a boon to our shareholders. Cutting edge technology that enabled us to drive growth in revenue and profits. I thought of them as the cash register that multiplied.”

Michael McDevitt
Michael McDevittCEO
Terra’s Kitchen

“C3’s attribution technology enabled us to measure the value of our content strategy down to the article level.  The entire effort would never have been revealed with outdated last click measurement.”

Nathan Gorenflo
Nathan GorenfloDirector of Digital Marketing
Franklin University

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